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Manage Your Debt with Credit Counselling in Kingston and Surrounding Areas

Paying your bills can be a struggle, especially when you have high monthly payments to your creditors. F. J. Zielski & Associates Inc offers credit counselling in Kingston, Belleville and Trenton to help you get your finances in order. When you come to us for credit counselling, we’ll give you the tools you need to pay off your debt. We can also discuss long-term plans to keep you out of debt permanently.

Our credit counselling comes to you from Licensed Insolvency Trustees who will take an in-depth look at your finances. Once your income and expenses have been evaluated, we’ll devise a plan to get you out of debt, which may include negotiating with your creditors to form a Debt Management Plan that will lower your monthly payments.

Counselling Modules: Insolvency Counselling Program

Benefits of Credit Counselling

Working with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to manage your debt is always a good idea. Credit counselling in Kingston, Belleville and Trenton is especially beneficial because it provides you with the tools to bring your debt under control. When you talk to our team, you’ll get a clear and unbiased view of your financial situation. This can provide a new perspective on your situation, giving you the tenacity to take action to reach your goals.

No matter how dire your situation is, we’ll be able to formulate a plan to get you out of debt, whether that means a Debt Management Plan, a consumer proposal or debt consolidation. Executing the plan we choose is up to you, which means you have to apply yourself and follow through.

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Debt Management Plans

If you feel you have the ability to pay your creditors in full, if only you could reduce your payment, then you may wish to speak to our Licensed Insolvency Trustees about devising a Debt Management Plan. We are a not-for-profit agency that can help you create a Debt Management Plan that will extend the payment period under which you will pay your creditors. It is a voluntary plan, which means your creditors have the choice whether or not to accept it. 

This contrasts with a consumer proposal, which is legally binding on all creditors once the required majority accepts the proposal. The benefit of filing a consumer proposal is all creditors will take part, not only those who accept the debt management plan. In these situations, a consumer proposal is the superior choice.

Usually, your creditors will waive the continuation of interest under a Debt Management Plan; however, if a garnishment has begun or any other legal action has commenced, it is unlikely that the creditors will accept the plan to extend your payments.

Contact Us for Credit Counselling

Download the following forms to provide information to your F. J. Zielski & Associates Inc advisor. The information collected will help your advisor assess your situation and steer you towards an optimal solution. Please complete the form as best you can and bring it to your free consultation. Schedule an appointment with one of our three offices in Belleville, Kingston, or Trenton. We also have a local number in Cobourg for you to call to set up an appointment.

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Statement of Income Form

Provide details on your income and expenses before your appointment.

Restructuring Worksheet

Fill out our restructuring worksheet before your consultation.

Income Tax Information

Prepare and file your taxes with the help of our questionnaire.

Consider Your Options

Refinance your home or apply for a loan to cover ALL of your debt.
Set up a monthly payment at a fixed interest rate.

Your debt stays the same and you may risk running up your credit card balances again.

Debt management plan consolidates unsecured debt into one monthly payment. All your creditors must agree as each card gets paid off and the account is closed. Once all your debts are paid in full, you complete the program.
R7 rating for 2 years after completion.
Get out of debt in 9-21 months. Government-regulated administered through the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. Creditors have no control over your decision to file. Non-exempt assets are surrendered.
R9 rating for 6 years (14 years if it is your second bankruptcy).
Pay back a portion of your debt over 5 years and keep your assets. All of your unsecured debt in one monthly payment you CAN afford. Binding all creditors if the majority of debt approves.
R7 rating for 3 years after your last payment.

“The most common means of undoing debt.”

Take Control and Hit the Z-Key F. J. Zielski & Associates Your Trusted Friends at Undoing Debt.

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