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  • Filing for bankruptcy
    Advantages of Filing for Bankruptcy

    Managing debt is time-consuming. Every month you have to decide which debt can be paid and which payments can be put off. Collection agents contact you regularly and sometimes at inopportune times, trying to gain your commitment to pay what you owe.

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  • Improve your credit score
    How to Improve Your Credit Score

    Improving your credit rating can be hard work, but it is achievable, no matter what your starting point is. If you’re looking to improve your credit score, F.J. Zielski & Associates Inc. can help you with the process. Whether you have a poor credit score or no credit history, you may be unable to negotiate fair terms for a loan until your rating improves. Consider the following guidelines as initial steps:

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  • Filing a Consumer Proposal in Kingston
    What You Need to Know About Filing a Consumer Proposal

    If you need immediate debt relief and a long-term debt solution, a consumer proposal can be a great alternative to bankruptcy. While it is ultimately your decision, a consumer proposal is often preferred when it is an available option as it has many advantages over filing for bankruptcy.

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  • 15/11/2016
    6 Expert Strategies to Manage Your Debt

    When you’re deeply immersed in debt, declaring bankruptcy may seem inevitable. However, there are other solutions. For starters, individuals in Kingston, Trenton, Belleville, and Cobourg can get credit counselling with F. J. Zielski & Associates Inc. Our insolvency trustees are qualified to offer you financial counselling that allows you to find the ladder leading to your financial freedom. Here is some of the debt management advice we offer folks like you every day.

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